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What are the advantages of being an Early Member?

We, The Coop Network, are committed to offering exclusive benefits to our first members that are willing to join us toward a better future, while growing their income.

As an early member in The Coop Network, you have various advantages. You can be actively involved in the development of The Coop Network having the option to vote. You can offer your valuable feedback & insights anytime using the available data & information about our strategy and plans that will be shared on a regular basis by our team.

Also, all the early members have access to dedicated investment rounds and are the first ones that get all Coop news. Thus, you have more options to diversify your portfolio or obtain better returns to build up your long-term income.

Nevertheless, as one of our first 3 000 members, you have special discounts and offers to Coop products and services, like insurance, travel and more.

Join us here and enjoy all the benefits along the journey!

Updated on: 31/03/2023

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