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What are my rights and obligations as a member of the Coop?

As a member of The Coop Network, you have various rights and obligations. All details are available in the Coop Statute and can be easily accessed here.

The rights of Coop members include the right to information regarding the activities of the cooperative, participation in the distribution of net profit and in the activity of the cooperative. Moreover, Coop members have the right to benefit from facilities and services from the cooperative but also, have the right to withdraw from the cooperative if they want. Once becoming a shareholder Member (Full Member) you have the right to choose and be chosen in the management bodies.

On the other hand, as a Coop member you have some obligations. Firstly, you cannot be a cooperative member in a competing cooperative at the same time. Other obligations refer to our values ​​and principles of the cooperative which should be respected, as well as, all the internal regulations available in the Coop Statute. Moreover, you should comply with the provisions of the constitutive acts and to fully cover any damages caused to the cooperative.

If you want to find more about your rights & obligations as a Coop member, please read Our Terms & Conditions available here.

Updated on: 22/05/2023

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